Other School Policies & Information

For away games, all players must travel with the team and ride in the transportation provided by the school.  Most likely, this will be a bus.  It is possible for parents to drive to away games, provided they have completed the necessary forms from the school and are, therefore, approved by the school to drive.  The coach and/or staff advisor will decide whether or not the team takes a bus, the school van, or parent vehicles.  

Fee to participate will be set each year and will reflect costs involved in league registration, referees, and transportation.  Players must pay the fee prior to playing any games.  This fee is non-refundable.

Player Conduct 
Players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately.  They must display good sportsmanship and good behavior at all times.  Students are representing the school and any student who fails to conduct him or herself as good representatives are subject to removal from the team as well as to such discipline from the school as is appropriate.

Eligibility to Play

Students must attend Buck Mountain School in order to participate on a team.  Students must further remain in good standing to participate on an extra-curricular team.  Please refer to the section on good standing.  In summary, a student must adhere to the following:

  • Students must maintain passing grades. Students who are failing two courses may be removed from the team until such time as their grades have improved to passing.
  • Students must maintain a good attendance record.
  • Students must not be habitually late for class.
  • Students must demonstrate appropriate behavior – those students involved in incidents that include suspensions from school may lose their eligibility to play.
  • Fees must be paid.

Team Commitment

Players are expected to make all practices and games.  If a player is unable to attend a practice or a game, they must inform the coach at least one day prior.

Athletic Awards

In June each school year, BMC hosts the Athletic Awards Banquet.  This event’s purpose is to celebrate the achievement of athletes from this school year and to acknowledge the help of volunteers.  This is also an opportunity for fundraising to support the cost of athletics and to maintain low students fees.

Each year, the following achievements are awarded:

  • Most Improved Player (one per team) – to the player who experienced the greatest growth throughout the season.
  • Most Valuable Player (one per team) – to a high preforming player who exemplifies leadership and strong fundamental skills of the game.
  • Male and female Athlete of the Year – to one senior high male and one senior high female athlete. These individuals show leadership on teams, participate in multiple athletics, and are recognized throughout the school for their athletics.
  • Athletic Honor Role – for a senior high team or individual who competes in provincial play. Recipients are added to the plaque on the awards wall.

Extracurricular Activities/Trips

Students will be expected to pay the costs, including transportation costs, set by the school for participation in extracurricular activities.

Sports Teams                                     

Volleyball                                  Fee                                           Basketball                                   Fee


Jr. Boys Volleyball                    $100.00                                     Jr. Boys Basketball                   $100.00

Jr. Girls Volleyball                     $100.00                                     Jr. Girls Basketball                    $100.00

Sr. Boys Volleyball                    $125.00                                     Sr. Boys Basketball                   $200.00

Sr. Girls Volleyball                     $125.00                                     Sr. Girls Basketball                    $200.00


Cross Country                                                                           6-Man Football

Jr. and Sr. Cross Country           $25.00                                      High School                  Spring   $150.00

                                                                                                                                   Fall        $250.00           

Badminton                                                                                Track and Field

Jr. and Sr. Badminton                $30.00                                      Jr. High Track and Field             $26.00

Sr. High Track and Field             $26.00


Jr. and Sr. Cheer                       $100.00

Performing Arts

  • Junior Band: Under the direction of Miss Siemens, the Junior Band performs at various community and school functions.
  • Senior Band: The Senior Band, under the direction of Miss Siemens, performs at most school functions, as well at many community events.
  • Band Tour: The Senior Bands may go on a 3-4 day tour, performing at different schools and other venues during the tour.
  • Music Festivals: Bands participate in at least one festival each year. 
  • Christmas Concert: Put on by the Band programs.
  • Spring/End of the Year Concert: Put on by the Band programs.
  • Band Camp: An intensive weekend camp to get students off to a great start in band.
  • Drama: Puts on anywhere from 2-4 performances in a year.
  • Drama Dinner Theatre: Before Christmas
  • Drama Club: An opportunity for students from grades 7-12 to develop advanced acting/technical skills, leading to a community based performance of a play. High school students may receive credits at the completion of the process. Admission is based on auditions and/or teacher recommendation.

Other Activities

  • Yearbook: Students compile the yearbook.
  • Student’s Association / Leadership: Student representatives meet twice monthly at lunchtime.  Various activities are planned, including spirit days and dances.
  • Ski Trip: During Semester Break, students and staff go to Rabbit Hill or Canyon.
  • Skills Canada: Students in Fabrications and Food Studies have opportunity to attend the Skills Canada Competition in Edmonton and compete in various categories.  If cosmetology is offered, students have gone to participate in those categories as well.
  • Travel Club – Students in grades 10-12 have the opportunity to participate in the travel club. This club has travelled to Greece, England, Scotland, France, Costa Rica, London and New York in the past few years.  Trips are usually taken over the Easter Holiday.  Students who wish to participate must pay for all costs associated with the trip.
  • Intramurals – Occur over the lunch break. Students compete in various activities throughout the year.

Buck Mountain Outreach

The Buck Mountain Outreach is a learning center that provides a High School program for students who, for a variety of reasons, have found that formal mainstream education practices do not meet their needs.  The program is designed especially for school-aged learners who are not currently registered in school and who have a desire to get back to school, and work toward a high school diploma or for students wishing to take courses online through ADLC (online learning). Typically, students will not be permitted to take Outreach courses if the class is being offered at BMC.